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What our clients say

Fitness and More has helped me gain strength and muscle. Overall, I have lost 70 pounds. When Covid happened, we were told to stay home, and I started to see my weight creep back up. I knew I had worked too hard to lose control of my weight and health again, so I called Steve. It was exactly what I needed.
Shelly G.
I’m Down 47 pounds with just 2 workouts per week! 15 minutes each session! I’m on my way to looking and feeling my best and you can too!
Matt A.
I’ve got a busy lifestyle and I was able to make time for my workouts. At Fitness and More I’ve added strength and have lost over 27 pounds of FAT! If I can do it so can you!
Abby J.
Are you looking to take charge of your health? The team at Fitness and More helped me look and feel my best.
Dustin B